Dirty Acres

Your Custom Jeep Grill Insert Design Specialist

Common Questions

How long will my order take to arrive?


As our Grill Inserts are custom made to your specifications, all orders will be shipped within 2-3 business days of your order.

Will this make my engine overheat?


After multitudes of 'research' (two years of off-road and highway performance on our personal vehicles), Dirty Acres has designed an insert that will allow proper airflow to your radiator and engine compartment, all while providing protection to those components and aesthetic appeal!  In over two years of business, we have had ZERO complaints of overheating.

Will my insert hold up well?


Not only does Dirty Acres use only rust resistant perforated aluminum, but we also use UV cured high performance enamel and clear coat for protection.  Just as your Jeep may develop rock chips and some fading over time, your insert should also wear the same.  Due to the UV curing process, the colors should stay vibrant for up to ten years!  Should you experience any exceptional issues, please contact us immediately so we may rectify the situation. 
We stand behind our product 100%!

How do I install my Grill Insert?


JK and JKU are fairly simple to install.  Pull the pins holding your grill in place, pull the grill forward two inches, drop insert in, making sure it's not resting on the sensor on the bottom right, replace grill and pins!  The fit will be very snug, ensuring your insert will not shift or fall during road time.  Easiest mod  you'll do to your Jeep!  We include instructions with every insert, but if for some reason yours are missing, email us, and we'll send you a copy!